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Internet Citizenship

Have you heard something about Internet Citizenship? It appears that you can buy it now on eBay auction. Read more...

Category: Exclusive

Coffee Tycoon Announced

Anarchy Enterprises announced Coffee Tycoon will be release in early spring 2005 for the PC. Coffee Tycoon lets gamers build a coffee empire. Read more...

Category: New products

Bubble Tea

Something new is hitting tea houses and coffeeshops across USA. Itís bubble tea. It's fun, colourful, tasty and even chewy! Read more...

Category: New products

Scented stamp promotes Brazilian coffee

It will soon be possible to send the aroma of freshly-ground Brazilian coffee through the post and for it to be appreciated by people on the other side of the world. The Brazilian Post Office is going to launch a stamp for international mail that comes Read more...

Category: Exclusive

Tea is 'good for teeth'

Scientists believe that drinking tea may be a good way to keep your teeth healthy. They have discovered that compounds found in black tea may attack harmful bacteria in the mouth that cause gum disease and cavities. Read more...

Category: Health

The world's most expensive teabag

A diamond encrusted teabag worth £7,500 has been created to raise money for a Manchester children's hospital. Jewellery chain Boodles made the pyramid-shaped bag to mark the 75th anniversary of Brooke Bond's PG Tips. Read more...

Category: Exclusive

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